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Communications at Plymouth Congregational Church

The Communications Committee of Plymouth Church presented its report and appendix at the 2012 annual meeting.

Recommendations of the Committee
1. Embrace communication as an essential means for building community, nourishing the needs of the individual, and extending Plymouth’s reach beyond the church’s physical boundaries.

2. Provide guidance and ongoing opportunities for building effective and respectful communication at Plymouth while strengthening our current culture of hospitality and fellowship.

3. Make full use of social media tools to create a spiritual community experience that complements the physical experience of attending Plymouth Church.

4. Clarify who we are and what we stand for as Christians and then develop clear, compelling and memorable language that our church and members can use to express our Christian perspectives at Plymouth.


Plymouth Identity Project
The four core words—Spiritual, Loving, Relevant and Transforming—
describe how we are Plymouth and help guide our decision-making. A Plymouth group, informed by research and guided by a facilitator, distilled them through an intensive process in fall 2013. Click here for more context on the four core words. Background and suggestions for use are in the "Plymouth: Next" booklet.

Please send your feedback to Allison Campbell Jensen, director of communications, or 612/977-1269.

Unifying our look
To facilitate consistency in communications, Plymouth Church has a Flame logo and a specific type style and typeface to use for its wordmark, used when its name is "branding" a publication, flyer, poster or item. Here it is, with specific style and face:

Plymouth wordmark

Flame cube black Flame cube red

If you wish to consult on a publication or need high-resolution images of the Flame logo, please contact Allison Campbell Jensen, director of communications, 612/977-1269 or



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