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Governance at Plymouth, as approved by the Congregation on Dec. 14, 2014, includes new Bylaws, restated Articles of Incorporation, new Deacons and a Leadership Council consisting of three officers plus board chairs. The boards currently number eight but will be reorganized into six boards (Worship, Fine Arts, Finance & Administration, Outreach, Community Life and Spiritual Formation). Current board members will continue to serve while governance is in transition from January through June 2015. Here is an organization chart for the new governance.

The Deacons are responsible for strategic direction and vision. They will use that vision to develop a clear set of objectives to guide the boards and staff in their work. The Deacons also have responsibility for the legal, fiduciary and spiritual affairs of the church. To email Deacons, click on their names: Pat Born (Moderator), Ed Curtiss, Katie Dillon, Claire Kolmodin, Whitney Kruse, Catherine Shreves, Brian Siska, Jim van Iwaarden and Greg Zoidis.

Leadership Council officers are: Dan Dressen, Chair; Lynn Moline, Chair-Elect; and Scott Moore, Secretary. Click on their names to email them.

Moderator: Pat Born
Clerk: Ned Wahl
Treasurer: Jim Van Iwaarden
Church Council Members At-Large:
Dave Brownlie
Nancy Gores

Special Appointments
Property Manager: Ed Curtiss
Archivist: Mary Welfling

Board Chairs
Children, Youth & Families:
Rip Nordhougen
Deacons: Ellen Van Iwaarden
Fine Arts: Joan Parsons and Julie Sellergren, co-chairs
Member Care: Nelson Berg
Membership: Stephen Harlan-Marks and Jean Tracy, co-chairs
Outreach: Pat Harlan-Marks
Stewards: Mike McGettigan and Marg Geisler, co-chairs
Trustees: Margaret Shreves

Current boards are:
Board of Children, Youth & Families
: Oversees religious education policy, curriculum, staff, childcare, youth activities, intergenerational and family programs. Staff Liaison: Paula Northwood, Jo Holcomb Board Member Position Description

Board of Deacons: Holds responsibility for worship, membership, adult education, global connections, personnel and spiritual retreats. Staff Liaison: TBD Board Member Position Description

Board of Fine Arts: Initiates, coordinates and nurtures programs in the performing, literary and visual arts. Staff Liaison: Philip Brunelle Board Member Position Description

Board of Member Care: Assures that members of the congregation are supported in times of illness and transition. Develops programs for education on health issues and care for our elderly members. Staff Liaison: Catherine Crooks Board Member Position Description

Board of Membership: Coordinates all current membership functions and addresses long-range membership-related issues, such as member recruitment and retention, congregational growth and diversity. Staff Liaison: Jeffrey Sartain Board Member Position Description

Board of Outreach: Addresses social justice issues, especially of people in the Plymouth neighborhoods (Stevens Square/Loring Heights, Whittier and Downtown). Staff Liaison: Jeffrey Sartain Board Member Position Description

Board of Stewards: Responsible for hospitality, fellowship and communication among members and friends of Plymouth. Staff Liaison: Karen Hartz Board Member Position Description

Board of Trustees: Oversees stewardship, budget, real estate, investments, facilities and personnel. Staff Liaison: Karen Hartz Board Member Position Description

Suggest a board member, Moderator or Church Council Member At-Large. Click here for roles and responsibilities of these church officers.


Deacons’ agenda for meeting May 20, 6:30–8:00 p.m., Bovey Room

1. Opening meditation

2. Review agenda

3. Approve minutes of prior meetings (vote)

4. Receive recommendation for 2016 budget and capital campaign. Recommend budget at annual meeting (Vote).

5. Communication plan for budget and capital campaign

6. Financial report (discussion)

7. Revised meeting plan through June 2015 (information)

8. Close


Proposed budget for fiscal year 2015 now is posted online.

The Final Report of the Transitional Policy Board to the Congregation is posted here. It includes process, policies, bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Mission Statement
Plymouth Congregational Church is a progressive faith community grounded in the Christian tradition. In mutual care and with respect for our diverse understandings of God, we seek to embody the radical love and justice found in the life, teachings and spirit of Jesus.

Board minutes are restricted to Plymouth members. If you are a member and would like to see them online, please email a request for the password. Minutes also are available in the church library.




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