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A Litany on the Tragedy of Gun Violence
Adapted from a litany written for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2010 by Rev. W. Mark Koenig of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program

          One:      We gather in sorrow, and we gather to find courage and hope.

            All:      We are called to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.

          One:      Some 30,000 Americans die by guns each year in the United States.

            All:      And we grieve.

          One:      An average of 80 people are killed by guns every day in the United States, among them eight children.

            All:      And our hearts break.

          One:      Guns kill some 1,000 people each day in the developing world.

            All:      And we mourn.

          One:      An American child is 12 times more likely to die by a gun than are the children who live in all 25 industrialized nations combined.

            All:      And we weep.

          One:      The annual economic cost of gun violence in America is estimated to at least $100 billion. Medical costs, decimated families, the court system, our jails and prisons, and security measures in airports, schools and public buildings all contribute to this sum.

            All:      And sorrow sweeps over us.

          One:      Since John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, more Americans have died by gunfire within our own country than American servicemen and women who were killed in all our wars of the 20th century.

            All:      And we pray.

          One:      Faced with gun violence,

            All:      We grieve for those are killed and those whose lives are forever changed; We seek to comfort for those who have lost loved ones; We pray for a change of heart for those who resort to violence.

          One:      Faced with gun violence, may we

            All:      Educate; Organize; Advocate;
                        And in all the ways we can, work for that day when guns and weapons of destruction are transformed into instruments of healing.

          One:      May it be so.

            All:      May we so do.

Downloaded from the PCUSA Peacemaking website.






    News & Issues

Help Syrian refugees: The UCC Global Ministries partners with Forum for Development Culture and Dialog in Syria. Gifts to the UCC Global Ministries designated to FDCD will ensure that 100 percent of the money people give goes directly to aid for Syrian refugees. For more information on this ministry, click here for a webinar and here for the webinar's PowerPoint presentation. You may also give to the International Emergency Relief Fund without designating Syrian Relief and that money will go into a fund from which UCC Global Ministries can respond to various crises, including the Syrian crisis.

Great RiverLanding is a supportive housing partnership between Plymouth, Westminster Presbyterian, Better Futures Minnesota and Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. An update was provided at the Oct. 4 Sunday Forum. The project will house men who are committed to changing the trajectory of their lives but are hampered by chronic unemployment, chronic homelessness and a criminal history. Watch the video now and learn more about this exciting project.

Plymouth Church 2015 Annual Report PDF

Transparency about Plymouth's budget—Meeting audio and background documents
Budget challenges are being addressed by the Deacons, the clergy, the church staff and, ultimately, the Congregation. In the annual report, Treasurer Jim van Iwaarden wrote: "The solution won’t be easy or immediate, but we’ll find a path to financial sustainability." Background information for the meeting includes the 2015 Annual Report (link above) and materials linked below.

Read news from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (formerly Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation).

Caring for Creation resources from the Plymouth Outreach Working Group

Plymouth Church Strategic Plan 2010-2015 [PDF]

Plymouth's Statement on Environmental Sustainability [PDF]

Heading Home Hennepin, a plan to end
homelessness in Hennepin County by 2016.

In inclement weather, please use your best judgment. Closing notices will be posted on the church's Facebook page, as well as communicated through other channels. Read Plymouth's closing and cancellation policy.

Read or subscribe to The Congregationalist magazine. To obtain a reprint of the Congregationalist's article "Forty Years of Needling," contact or call 612/ 977-1269.




Plymouth at PridePlymouth at Pride, June 26, 2011



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