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Candidate for Senior Minister announced:
The Rev. Dr. Carla J. Bailey

June 28 —The Rev. Dr. Carla J. Bailey was approved as Plymouth's next Senior Minister during the worship service today. Carla Bailey will be in the pulpit on the first Sunday in October.

She currently serves as Senior Minister of The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College. Along with her experience serving in several church and denomination roles, she would bring to Plymouth her profound commitment to social justice. She lives her commitment to justice through her actions and with the power of her words. Indeed, to prepare herself as thoroughly as possible to combat injustice, she recently earned a law degree.

A warm, kind and caring presence to her congregations, Carla Bailey’s preaching has been described by congregants as an invitation to dive deep into the theological and ethical issues of our times. She lives out her faith at the cutting edge of our world’s great need.

Some members of Plymouth will remember Carla as a talented young minister who graced our church in 1983 as an associate to Vivian Jones. In her five years here as Associate for Pastoral Care, Carla was beloved by the Sunday School students she greeted in the halls, the Needlers she read to as they worked, the many young women she nurtured as a role model and friend and the countless members she visited during times of need. In addition, her mother has been a member at Plymouth for more than 30 years.

The search committee affirms one of Carla’s favorite quotes by Lao Tzu: "A leader is best when people barely know she exists; when her work is done, her aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."

Carla Bailey is married to Warren Turner and they have two adult children, Joe and Matrika.

An excerpt from Carla Bailey's Statement of Faith: "I’ve come to believe that how we choose to live, we who trust God with our lives and look to Jesus as a kind of template, is a daily decision that does not look so much toward an end point or an achieved goal as a steady and constant rekindling. It is never enough to only study about our faith or even to be disciplined practitioners of faith practices—like prayer, for example. We must learn to joyfully and passionately live our faith. That requires engaging fully in both deeds of mercy and acts of justice.

"I believe God can be trusted because, at the risk of blasphemy, I think God is trustworthy. I haven’t always believed this but it has been a growing conviction rising out of frequent experiences of relinquishing my will only to discover a way I had not previously imagined possible.

"I love discipleship to Jesus, particularly now that I’ve stopped being anxious that I don’t believe the magic stuff about Jesus. There are so many powerful images of Jesus in the gospels—examples of his courage, his integrity, his humility before God, his advocacy for “the great unwashed masses,” his clarity about forgiveness, poverty, justice [and] who all is in God’s realm. I believe Jesus understood himself to be the Messiah, and he absolutely did not understand himself to be God."





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Plymouth Church 2015 Annual Report PDF

Transparency about Plymouth's budget—Meeting audio and background documents
All members were invited July 19, 2015, when church leaders hosted a meeting about Plymouth's budget issues following the 10:30 a.m. service, in Jackman. The audio recording of the meeting is here. Budget challenges are being addressed by the Deacons, the clergy, the church staff and, ultimately, the Congregation. In the annual report, Treasurer Jim van Iwaarden wrote: "The solution won’t be easy or immediate, but we’ll find a path to financial sustainability." Background information for the meeting includes the 2015 Annual Report (link above) and materials linked below.

Read news from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (formerly Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation).

Caring for Creation resources from the Plymouth Outreach Working Group

Plymouth Church Strategic Plan 2010-2015 [PDF]

Plymouth's Statement on Environmental Sustainability [PDF]

Heading Home Hennepin, a plan to end
homelessness in Hennepin County by 2016.

In inclement weather, please use your best judgment. Closing notices will be posted on the church's Facebook page, as well as communicated through other channels. Read Plymouth's closing and cancellation policy.

Read or subscribe to The Congregationalist magazine. To obtain a reprint of the Congregationalist's article "Forty Years of Needling," contact or call 612/ 977-1269.




Plymouth at PridePlymouth at Pride, June 26, 2011



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