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New Affordable Housing Project Launches Sept. 29

By Betsy Cussler
In 2007, to celebrate our 150th anniversaries, Plymouth Congregational Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church together raised $1 million to build affordable housing in Minneapolis. Working with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, our Task Force is about to launch its fourth affordable housing project; we invite you to join us Monday, Sept. 29, at 5:30 p.m., in Jackman Hall to learn more. Dinner will be provided and a good will offering accepted.

For this venture, we have chosen to build housing for a population who are usually among the last we pay attention to and care about: single men emerging from prison. Why? Because we believe in second chances. Because we believe these men, like the rest of us, deserve a fair shot at the American dream: a stable, safe place to call home; a job that pays a living wage; a chance to be good fathers and good citizens. Because we believe that faith communities must continue to lead in the fight for social justice. Because we believe that we too will benefit from this work.

A major key to Beacon’s success in helping formerly homeless persons transform their lives is providing on-site support services. For this project, Beacon has chosen Better Futures as our service-provider partner. Our guest speakers at the dinner, together with Ann Manning representing Plymouth and the Task Force, will be Steve Thomas, founder and former CEO (above left), and Thomas Adams, current CEO and President of Better Futures (center). Founded in 2007, Better Futures has been helping these men transform their lives. Better Futures provides housing within a caring and supportive community, health assessments and access to health services, jobs, counseling and coaching to help men transform their lives.

Whom are we helping? Better Futures serves men, mostly African American, who are committed to change; men who want a home and a job and are willing to work to achieve these goals; men who want to be good fathers, to engage with and help support their children; men who want to be part of a vibrant, supportive community. Thousands of men are released from prison every year, but most have nowhere safe to go, and with little or no support, many land right back in prison. Minnesota has one of the worst recidivism rates in the nation.

This is another huge opportunity for us at Plymouth to live our faith, our commitment to outreach, our belief that all persons deserve dignity and fairness. There is so much more to learn! We have an opportunity to be changed ourselves as we participate in helping others transform their lives. Please join us Sept. 29. Watch for details. We need your support and help.

—Read prior articles about this project in the May 2014 Flame and the December 2013 Flame.




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