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Ministerial Search Committee members are: Scott Applewick, Patrick Born, Glenace Edwall, Jocelyn Hale, Phebe Haugen, Nina Jonson, Whitney Kruse, Michael Monten and Peter Vitale. For their bios, click here for PDF.

Click on linked names for biographies.
Most clergy photos by Chris Bohnhoff; Rev. Dr. Sartain photo by Mark Luinenberg.


Jeffrey Sartain, Executive Minister
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Paula Northwood,
Minister for Education
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Catherine Crooks,
Minister for Member Care
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Catherine Duncan,
Covenant Partner; Chaplain for Fairview Home Care
and Hospice

Karl L. Jones, Covenant Partner, Chaplain for Good Samaritan Society


Philip Brunelle, Organist & Choirmaster
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Karen Hartz, Director of Operations
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Jo Holcomb, Director of Children's Programs; Librarian
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Allison Campbell Jensen,
Director of Communication
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Shannon Kearns,
Youth Activities and Community Ministries Coordinator
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Bob Haas, Housekeeping Manager
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Everett Flynn, Ministry Assistant for Administration
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Doug Freeman, Ministry Assistant for Programs
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Emily Venell,
Ministry Assistant for Hospitality
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Joy Hansen, Accounting Manager
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Malcolm Williams, Public Safety Manager
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Larry Johnson,
Drop-In Coordinator
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Cathie Crooks Crooks

Duncan Duncan


Philip Brunelle Brunelle

Karen Hartz Hartz


Campbell Jensen







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