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OneVillage Partners fights Ebola
Jan. 11, noon, Jackman

Jeff Hall, founder of OVP and Deborah Greebon, Executive Director, will be reviewing the current status of Sierra Leone and the OVP villages, and how they are doing while still in the midst of the pandemic of the Ebola virus, noon, Sunday, Jan. 11, in Jackman.

Throughout the crisis, OVP has responded by providing education and preventative measures to prevent further spread of Ebola. We have been largely successful, as four of our 6 villages have remained Ebola free. This is largely due to the trust that we have with the villages, developed over time. In addition, we have offered emergency intervention such as food for quarantine on an as-need basis to the villages.

Our work is not done.We have recently partnered with the Ministry of Health to provide 200 hand-washing stations with soap and chlorine across the Kailahun District. This serves over 60,000 villagers, bringing this area of Sierra Leone one step closer to becoming Ebola free. In addition, we have joined the local Sierra Leone community to assist with the shipment of much needed medical supplies.


















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