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Sunday Forum

Sunday Forums are opportunities for conversations about faith and life. The Sunday Forum Committee of the Board of Deacons seeks to provide a thoughtful and welcoming learning environment for members and friends of Plymouth Congregational Church.

Sunday Forums are Sundays, 9 to 10 a.m.,
in the Jackman Room unless otherwise noted.

Sunday Forum will resume in September 2014. Please scroll down to see recent topics or to listen to audio recordings.

Winter-Spring 2014

May 18: Spirituality and Politics, panel includes Plymouth members Pat Born, Elizabeth Glidden, Melissa Wiklund, Todd Otis and Suzie Nakasian. Audio

Jan. 5: Special event: Plymouth Reads Gordon Parks' A Choice of Weapons, potluck supper and book discussion, 5:30 p.m.

Jan. 12: Plymouth Reads: Remembering Gordon Parks, with his niece and great-niece

Jan. 19: Plymouth Reads: How Do Photographs Form Us? Wing Young Huie. Audio

Jan. 26: Update on Initiatives for the Future, with Moderator Lynn Moline, Deacons' Chair Parke Weaver, Transitional Policy Board Co-Chairs Lani Bennett and John Breitinger. Audio

Feb. 2: Reflections on Calling: My Spiritual Autobiography in Word and Song, Deb Braun

Feb. 9: Vocal Music Workshop, Melanie DeMore Audio

Feb. 16: Cultural Jambalaya—Photography, Gail Shore

Feb. 23: Spiritual Poetry Reading, Sam King and Jim Gertmenian; Theater Audio

March 2: The Boundary Waters: More Precious than Copper, Becky Rom. Audio

March 9: No 9 a.m. Sunday Forum. You are encouraged to attend the 12:15 p.m. Plymouth Film Club showing of Goodnight, and Good Luck

March 16: Loss, Grief, Healing, Anita Makar: Audio [MP3]

March 23: Living with Cancer—The Impact on Family and Other Caregivers, Dr. David Rothenberger and Betsy Lucas. Audio [MP3]

March 30: The India Connection, Paula Northwood

April 6: Artist's Talk by Deborah Foutch

April 13: The Future of Our Past—Plymouth's Archives, Archives Committee: Audio

April 27: Update on the Work of the Transitional Policy Board. Audio, PowerPoint (with notes) and PDF.

May 4: Investing in Early Childhood Development is Smart Economic Development, Art Rolnick. Audio

May 11: Elder Spirituality, Larry & Connie Hickle Audio

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Spiritual Exploration offerings are listed on that page.

Keep in touch: To receive regular email notices about these opportunities, send an email with "Adult Learning" in the subject line.

Listen to Mary Lou Carpenter read from Miriam's Words: The Personal Price of a Public Life and answer questions about her mother, human-rights advocate Miriam Judd, Jan. 5, 2014.


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