Somewhere to Begin

Sara Thomsen January 28, 2018

Scripture Ecclesiastes 3:1–14

This Sunday’s sermon was composed of songs sung by Sara Thomsen, a folk singer from the Duluth area who took part in the Jan. 27 Re-Imagining a World Without Violence conference here at Plymouth. Thomsen also is the founder and artistic director of the Echoes of Peace Choir, with a repertoire of world music and a membership of over 70 voices. Thomsen founded and directs the Echoes of Peace nonprofit to expand and develop the work of examining critical social issues using music and the arts to build and bridge informed, engaged and caring communities.

Somewhere to Begin

by T. R. Ritchie

People say to me, “Oh, you gotta be crazy!
How can you sing in times like these?
Don’t you read the news? Don’t you know the score?
How can you sing when so many others grieve?”
People say to me, “What kind of fool believes
That a song will make a difference in the end?”

By way of a reply, I say a fool such as I
Who sees a song as somewhere to begin
A song is somewhere to begin
The search for something worth believing in
If changes are to come there are things that must be done
And a song is somewhere to begin

Additional verses: 2) Dream . . . ; 3) Love . . .

© T. R. Ritchie, Whitebark Music

Where Did Jesus Go?

by Sara Thomsen

Tell me where, where did Jesus go?
That brown-skinned man walkin’ the road to Jericho
Tell me where, where did Jesus go?
He’s up and been deported to Mexico, allelu

Refrain:    Allelu! What you gonna do?
Allelu! I’m gonna stand by you
Love is all you got. Love is all you do
It’s bigger than me, and it’s bigger than you, allelu

Tell me where, where is Jesus now?
That Middle Eastern man who could feed a hungry crowd
Tell me where, where is Jesus now?
He’s on a list of terrorists and they tossed him out of town, allelu


Tell me where, oh if you know, do tell
That wise guy wasting time with the woman at the well
Tell me where, oh if you know, do tell
They say he’s queer and outta here and going straight to hell, allelu
(I’ll be there, too)


Tell me where? I search and I search
For that storytellin’ man, I can’t find him in the church
He walked out the door, took off his sandals
And shook off all the dirt, allelu


© 2016 Sara Thomsen

Canticle of the Feathered Ones

by Sara Thomsen

Canticle of the feathered ones
Hymn of the hermit thrush
A song in the holy hush
A lake in the wake of sun

Vireos in the vestibule
Warblers wait in the wings
A finch begins to sing
The water, a sparkling jewel

Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison

Canticle of the mourning dove
Angels in pine and spruce
The fox and the bear and the moose
Listen to the choir above

Gloria in excelsis deo, Gloria in excelsis
Gloria in excelsis deo, Gloria in excelsis

Heron delivers the homily
Incense fills the air
Cedar boughs in prayer
And I am lost in reverie

Sanctus, sanctus
Sanctus, sanctus

Canticle of the feathered ones
Candlelight of the moon
Litany of lark and loon
As the dark of the evening comes

Benedictus, benedictus
Benedictus, benedictus
Benedictus, benedictus

© 2014 Sara Thomsen (