Job Posting – Children and Youth Specialist


Position Title – Children and Youth Specialist

Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis


The position is Open Immediately. 5/06/2022


Position Summary


The Children and Youth Specialist position supports the work of the Director of Children and Youth Ministry, including organizing and implementing programming for children and teens on Sundays mornings, Wednesday evenings, special events and during the summer, as well as engaging in administrative tasks related to the Children and Youth programs of the church.

The Youth Leader will work with the Committee for Children, Youth and Families, church school teachers, classroom friends, and other volunteers to engage the children and youth in our Sunday classes and in the life of the church with outside activities and relationship building inside and outside the church building.

Plymouth Congregational Church is a progressive faith community grounded in the Christian tradition. In mutual care and respect for our diverse understandings of God, we seek to embody the radical love and justice found in the life, teachings, and spirit of Jesus.


  • Salary: $20-$25 an hour, based on experience.
  • 10-13 hours per week September through May. In June, July, and August, those hours may be condensed into 1 40-hour week per month to assist with summer camps.
  • This position is year-round.
  • Summer camps: Flexibility to work additional time in the summer for half-day interest camps (June), weeklong Peace Camp (July), and Musical Spectacular (August) is desired.
  • The Children and Youth Specialist reports to the Director of Children and Youth Ministry with supervisory input from the Minister for Spiritual Formation and Theatre, and the Committee for Children, Youth and Families.
  • Hourly, Non-Exempt.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster required, or Medical/ Religious Exemption.
  • Background check required.
  • Valid driver’s license and regular access to a car are required.
  • This position is a mandated reporter.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A desire to educate children and youth in progressive Christian values and ideas.
  • A desire to decenter whiteness and dismantle white supremacy culture in the church space and beyond.
  • A commitment to celebrating the LGBTQIA community within and beyond the church.
  • Ability to work with children and youth and to organize and lead a variety of activities for these age groups (ages 3-18).
  • Ability to effectively communicate with and relate to 3-year-olds, 11-year-olds, 18-year-olds, and everyone in between.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with parents, children, youth, volunteer teachers, representatives, other PCC staff, and the congregation in planning activities and keeping all parties informed of upcoming events and activities.
  • Experience with volunteer recruitment.
  • MN (or other state) Teaching License is a plus.
  • Background in learning differences, and equity.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities and Duties

Including, but not limited to:

  1. Be at Plymouth Congregational Church on Sunday mornings before, during and after Church School hour which is currently from 10:00 to 11:00 AM.
  2. Work with the Director of Children and Youth Ministry and volunteer teachers to develop and

supply curriculum for Sunday programming. Support the teachers to make certain that they have the supplies needed for classes and outside activities.

  1. Teach one class of Sunday School on a regular basis
  2. Meet/Communicate with volunteer teachers regularly for planning purposes.
  3. Help facilitate late August training for volunteer teachers.
  4. Plan and carry out offsite activities outside of church hours — one youth activity and one family activity for the younger children per month.
  5. Develop appropriate personal connections with individual children and youth and work to keep them engaged while helping them forge connections with each other.
  6. Support the Director of Children and Youth Ministry in planning interventions and behavior strategies for children and youth as needed.
  7. Help the Committee for Children, Youth and Families and the Director of Children and Youth Ministry plan and implement special Family Life Events such as Rally Sunday (first Sunday after Labor Day), Halloween Party (Saturday or Sunday closest to Halloween), Christmas Festival, 4:45 Christmas Eve Service, Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Sunday), Youth Sunday (late May).
  8. Other duties as needed.

Decision Making/Freedom to Act

  • This position is accountable to the overall mission of the church and maintaining collegial relationships with staff, Board members, colleagues, guests, and the congregation in general.

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume via email to Director of Children and Youth Ministry Nina Jonson at