2023 Christmas Offering

Thank you!

With much gratitude to the entire Plymouth community, the Board of Outreach is pleased to report that the congregation’s contributions to the 2023 Christmas Offering exceeded all expectations, raising just under $65,000! Thank you all for the generosity and love for our neighbors!

This funding supports the year-round work of Plymouth’s Housing Justice partnerships: Align Minneapolis (formerly Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness), Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, Simpson Housing Services, Habitat for Humanity – Twin Cities, Avivo, and zAmya Theater. With funds from the Christmas Offering, Plymouth will also begin a relationship with Urban Homeworks. We’re excited to begin this journey together, as we at the same time continue and deepen our relationships with long-time partners.

Like that stable owner so long ago, we ask you to donate to this year’s Christmas Offering in support of Plymouth’s Housing Justice partnerships.

Housing justice is the idea that everyone deserves safe, affordable, and health-promoting housing. It seeks not only to ensure warm homes but also to remedy the longstanding discrimination that has led to housing inequities in the neighborhoods we call our own. For decades, Plymouth’s actions, relationships, and community have promoted housing justice, but the work is hardly complete. Let us carry the momentum and give generously to the 2023 Christmas Offering!

Each December, the Christmas Offering is intended to be a reflection and culmination of the year-round work that Plymouth and its members do to advance justice. This year’s offering is a time to reflect on Plymouth’s ongoing work to ensure dignified shelter for all. Your gift, shepherded by the Housing Justice Committee, will be used to continue and deepen our relationship with our current partners (the exact recipients will be determined by the Board of Outreach): Align MPLS (formerly Downtown Congregations to End Homelessness), Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, Simpson Housing Services, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Avivo, and zAmya Theater.

For all of our neighbors without access to a safe, comfortable home, we are grateful for your generosity and love

With love and gratitude,
Plymouth’s Board of Outreach and its Housing Justice Committee

Our Forum on Sunday, December 10, discussed the beneficiaries of this year’s Christmas Offering: