2024 Summer Programs

Something for every age!

June 2024

June 10–14

Mini Musical Spectacular

Readers Theater (with a musical twist!)

K–3rd grade

No matter where you are in your learning to read journey, if you have a flair for the dramatic or a love of the stage, this camp is for you! We will take a well-known story, turn it into a play in a week, and add in our own musical twist. We finish the week with a performance for our friends, and our preschool neighbors!

June 17–20

Preschool Peace Camp

Amazing Animals!

ages 2.5–5

Join preschool pals for 4 days of learning about your favorite animals and how we can better care for the creatures of our Earth even when we are small! Includes a special visit from the Sustainable Safari, plus a fundraiser to adopt an endangered animal!

June 21–23

Summer Trip to Madison

for rising 7th–9th graders

Join us Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for a whirlwind road trip to the Wisconsin state capitol. We will stay at first congregational on the UW campus, spend Saturday morning at the farmers market. Visit Union terrace, potentially go see a musical Saturday evening, Do some shopping. Visit the Madison Zoo and so much more. There’s tons to do and see and lots of opportunity for free time and bonding. This is not a trip to be missed.

June 24–28

Musical Spectacular

4th grade and up

For nearly 30 years summertime in the Conn theater has meant a musical, created by kids and pulled together in seemingly no time at all. We are doing it again this year, pulling together a mix of pop and Broadway songs with rewritten lyrics taught by musical professionals, choreography created by the kids, and and a slam dunk show with a powerful message put together in 5 days. Come join us to make another year of musical theater magic.

July 2024

July 8–12

New! Camp Belonging

6th–8th grades

Middle school can Make someone feel like Goldilocks—everything’s too hot, too cold, too big, too little, too hard, too soft—where does a person fit? In this camp, especially for Middle Schoolers, campers will create their own itinerary and design a camp that meets their needs for connection, community and confidence.

July 8–12

Grade School Peace Camp

Can You Solve It?

K–5th grade

Whether you like solving mysteries like Sherlock and Watson, or chasing down bad guys like Scooby Doo and the Gang, this camp will be perfect! Using all of our sleuthing skills (even ones we don’t know we have yet!) we will work together to take down Bible-era bad guys and solve some of histories mysteries.

July 11–14

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

for 9th–12th graders

Join our intrepid and expert canoe guides Andy Holdsworth, Gina DelCorazon and Katie Dillon for a trip through the Boundary Waters including camping, portaging, and various types of canoeing. Due to permits we have a limit of six kids who can attend, but this type of bonding cannot be beat and the Boundary Waters are truly a magical place to experience God’s handiwork in the world.

July 27–28

Welcome to 6th Grade

Just for rising 6th graders!

Specifically for Plymouth kids entering 6th grade, This overnight is designed to help our young people prepare for the shift from church school to junior high as well as the life shift from elementary school to Middle School. These changes are big but they are not bad, they’re exciting and we want to celebrate them together.

August 2024

August 16–18

“Camp” Plymouth

all ages

Chain of Lakes swimming, parking lot camping, late night foursquare, Conn Theater karaoke, communal cooking, giant sleepovers in Jones Commons, service projects that benefit the wider community and our very own church building—it’s everything you love about Camp Plymouth, without the Friday rush hour drive to Alexandria! This year we’re doing something different and celebrating our beloved community in our own building. Households of any size, people of any age and families of any definition are welcome to join us. All we ask is that you commit to being as much a part of the camp experience as possible including staying the night at the church building if you are able!