Plymouth Church Register

Recent Births
  • Clara Kang Homans (3/12/2020), child of Charles Homans & Patricia Kang; grandchild of Dave & Meredith Homans
  • Raymond Robert Zueck (6/16/2020), child of Missy Neville & Aaron Zueck; grandchild of Jan & Rick Neville; great-grandchild of Meem & Ray Asp
  • Parker Trostel, at home
In Hospice Care
  • Marian “Meem” Wahlquist Asp
  • Dan Peterson
Recently Bereaved
  • Mary Lou Carpenter, death of Mary Lou’s sister, Carolyn Judd (6/12/2020); Cindy Carpenter, death of aunt; Meredith Casey, death of great-aunt

Other Announcements

Chancel Flowers for the July 12 video service are given in loving memory of Ellen Christiansen Bauer, daughter of Martha Brown and niece of Carol Rippberger.

Reflections for hope and spiritual sustenance are available to be delivered to your inbox Monday–Friday. To receive these messages, please contact Doug Freeman.

Contemplative Prayer. Earlier this year, people began praying nightly at 2020 (8:20 p.m., military time). Now some feel called to connect more deeply through video conference prayer. We’ve expanded the offerings of this prayer group and all may join:

More information can be found here.

Downtown Coalition for Grief Support sessions are being held online until further notice.  Please see the Coalition’s website for further information.


  • Please note that all meetings and programs held at Plymouth Church, including in-person Sunday services, have been canceled. We will post when we know we can re-open.

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