First Service


Plymouth Church Register

Recently Bereaved
  • Laurie & Ed Greeno and Kent & Judy Hodder, death of Laurie’s and Kent’s father, William “Bill” Hodder (July 6, 2023)
  • Sally & Bob Hein, death of son Brian Patrick Haddorff (September 1, 2023)
  • Dale Talley, death of her son Jordan Breakey (July 24, 2023); Dan Dressen & Beth Comeaux, death of nephew
Recently Deceased
  • Phyllis Colwell (August 27, 2023), wife of Tom Colwell; mother of Carolyn Dahl and Tad Colwell; sister-in-law of Joan Colwell
  • Bonnie Herr (July 10, 2023)
  • Donald “Don” Leavenworth (September 22, 2023), husband of Joann Leavenworth; father of Amy Melin and Morse Leavenworth
  • Mary MacLaughlin (July 18, 2023)
  • Donald “Don” Meck (September 9, 2023), husband of Betty Meck; father(-in-law) of Karen Meck & Chris Zieg; father of Wendy Meck; grandfather of Lily Zieg
  • Fran Neir (August 28, 2023), father of Cassie Morris, Alex Neir, and Olivia Neir Barris; partner of Nancy Kiskis

Other Announcements

Chancel Flowers

Flowers for October 1 are given in loving memory of Daniel Anderson by his parents, Kathryn Hagen and Tom W. Anderson.

Flowers for September 24 were given by Sally Lehmann in memory of her mother, Gertrude Willius, born September 19, 1907.

Downtown Coalition for Grief Support

The group is meeting in person Saturdays at St. Joan of Arc, 4537 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis. Please see the Coalition’s website for further information.

Upcoming Memorials

In-person attendance is welcome, and livestream links (if available) are given below.

  • A service for Fran Neir will be held at Plymouth Church on Wednesday, September 13, at 2:30 p.m. Livestream is available here.