Plymouth Church Register

Recent Births
  • Tulia Spencer Scharback (January 24, 2024), child of Alecia White Scharback & Josh Scharback, sibling of Noah, Flora, Eve, and Sabrina Scharback
  • Isla May Soll (January 15, 2024), child of Sian Siska & Adam Soll, grandchild of Brian & Nancy Siska
Recently Baptized
  • Carlos Milan Eustis (January 14, 2024), child of Karen & Zachary Eustis
  • Emilia Rose Eustis (January 14, 2024), child of Karen & Zachary Eustis
Recently Bereaved
  • Mark Copenhaver & Beth Hoffman Faeth, death of Mark’s mother, Mary Lou Johnson (February 1, 2024)
  • Sandy Klapperich, death of her sister, Phyllis Young (February 12, 2024)
Recently Deceased
  • Raymond “Ray” Asp (January 7, 2024), father(-in-law) of Jan & Rick Neville; grandfather of Missy, Stuart, and Meredith Neville; brother-in-law of Loey Husbands; uncle(-in-law) of Jill & Rick Schubert
  • Jean Linwick (January 17, 2024), sister of Dawn Wanous
  • F. Owen Turnlund (February 14, 2024), husband of Muriel Turnlund

Other Announcements

Chancel Flowers

The flowers for Sunday, February 25, are given in loving memory of Judy & Karl Bottemiller by their family.

The flowers for Sunday, February 18, were given in loving memory of Fern C. Lee by Lindsay & Neil Johnson.

Downtown Coalition for Grief Support

The group is meeting in person Saturdays at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1200 S. Marquette Ave., Minneapolis. Please see the Coalition’s website for further information.

Upcoming Memorial

In-person attendance is welcome, and livestream links (if available) are given below.

Owen Turnlund
  • A service for Owen Turnlund will be held at Plymouth on Tuesday, February 27, at 11 a.m. Livestream will be available here.