Plymouth Church Register

Recent Memorial Services
  • Service for Patricia Pickett “Pat” Stoneburner, held September 20, 2021. To watch the service, please click here. The bulletin for the service is available here.
Recent Births
  • Ruth Henry Louise Campbell-Simenson (July 25, 2021), child of Hannah Campbell Gustafson & Craig Simenson; sibling of Leona Campbell-Simenson
  • Evan Casey Koester Cavallo (July 20, 2021), child of Anna Cavallo & Shawn Koester; sibling of Nora Koester Cavallo
Recent Baptisms
  • Hana Rose Vo and Tashiro Phan Bennett Vo (August 15, 2021), children of Emi Bennett Vo & Nguyen Vo
Recently Hospitalized
  • Howard Dixon, Abbott Northwestern
  • Hannah Faeth, at home
In Hospice Care
  • Rolan Anderson, Viking Manor, 317 1st St NW, Ulen, MN 56585-4010
Recently Deceased
  • Mary Arbisi (September 3, 2021)
  • Tor Hansen (August 25, 2021), father of Sonja Johnson and Tor Sundal Hansen and families
  • Miriam “Mim” Hanson (July 26, 2021), mother of Susan Erickson (John Clark), Kristin Levinson (Frank), Karen Erickson, Richard Erickson (Jo Erickson); stepmother of Bruce Hanson (Kate Willette), Keith Hanson (Kellie Hansaker), Paul Hanson (Sue Hanson)
  • Merryalice Jones (January 2, 2021), wife of Bob Jones
  • Norman Moshou (July 3, 2021), father of Marti Naslund and Janice Voss
  • Mason Myers (May 26, 2021), husband of Gwen Myers
  • Bob Parsonage (July 31, 2021), husband of Ruth Lull
  • Patricia Pickett “Pat” Stoneburner (July 9, 2021), wife of Tony Stoneburner
  • We note with sadness the passing of José “Tury” Aurelio Paz (September 14, 2021), travel guide and dear friend from Iglesia Bautista Enmanuel in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.
Recently Bereaved
  • Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew & Emily Jarrett Hughes, death of Elizabeth’s father, Leonard “Len” Andrew (July 10, 2021); Gwyneth Jarrett, death of grandfather
  • Jim Leslie, death of wife, Lynnanne Warren (September 9, 2021); Margaret Jaques-Leslie, death of stepmother; Sammy, Ollie, and Tim Jaques-Leslie, death of step-grandmother

Other Announcements

Chancel Flowers for the September 26 services are given in loving memory of Daniel Anderson by his parents, Kathryn Hagen and Tom W. Anderson.

Downtown Coalition for Grief Support has resumed in-person sessions on Saturday mornings. Please see the Coalition’s website for further information.

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