Plymouth Church Register

Recent Births
  • Ruth Henry Louise Campbell-Simenson (July 25, 2021), child of Hannah Campbell Gustafson & Craig Simenson; sibling of Leona Campbell-Simenson
  • Evan Casey Koester Cavallo (July 20, 2021), child of Anna Cavallo & Shawn Koester; sibling of Nora Koester Cavallo
In Hospice Care
  • Rolan Anderson, Viking Manor, 317 1st St NW, Ulen, MN 56585-4010
  • Dan Peterson
Recently Deceased
  • Jeanne Felder (June 8, 2021)
  • Miriam “Mim” Hanson (July 26, 2021), mother of Susan Erickson (John Clark), Kristin Levinson (Frank), Karen Erickson, Richard Erickson (Jo Erickson); stepmother of Bruce Hanson (Kate Willette), Keith Hanson (Kellie Hansaker), Paul Hanson (Sue Hanson)
  • Douglas W. “Doug” Koons (June 11, 2021), husband of Jane Koons
  • Norman Moshou (July 3, 2021), father of Marti Naslund and Janice Voss
  • Gary Specker (June 22, 2021), husband of Sue Specker; father of Mark and Robert Specker and families
  • Patricia Pickett “Pat” Stoneburner (July 9, 2021), wife of Tony Stoneburner
  • We note with sadness the passing of Margery S. “Peggy” Widtfeldt (June 10, 2021), Plymouth Church staff member for over 30 years and member of the Adult Choir.
Recently Bereaved
  • Sue Dosal, death of husband, Frank Dosal (June 3, 2021); Liz Dosal Johnson and Michael Dosal, death of father; Kay Studebaker, death of brother-in-law
  • Kari Hellie, death of sister, Ranae (Larsen) Emmett (June 20, 2021)
  • Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew & Emily Jarrett Hughes, death of Elizabeth’s father, Leonard “Len” Andrew (July 10, 2021); Gwyneth Jarrett, death of grandfather
  • Gene Norris, death of wife, Beverly Norris (June 2, 2021); Becca Norris & Lynn Moline, death of Becca’s mother

Other Announcements

Chancel Flowers for the August 1 services are given with gratitude for and in celebration of the arrival from India of Emily Chandmuni Bains Seltz‎ on July 3, 1984.

Downtown Coalition for Grief Support sessions are being held online until further notice.  Please see the Coalition’s website for further information.


  • Please note that all meetings and programs held at Plymouth Church, including in-person Sunday services, have been canceled. We will post when we know we can re-open.

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