Give in to hope, Day 1: Easton LaChapelle

At just 16 years old, tinkerer, inventor, and 3-D printer enthusiast Easton LaChapelle was compelled to do something after he met a little girl at his high school science fair who needed a prosthetic arm but couldn’t afford the nearly 80,000 dollar price tag! Inspired to make a difference, LaChapelle worked and experimented until he created a working prosthetic arm that could be printed using a 3-D printer, can be made with different skin tones, and will cost only about $5,000! His invention has changed the way prosthetics are made around the world, and he has inspired other companies to make prosthetics in a more affordable way. His goal is to get enough funding that his prosthetics can be given away to those in need for free!

To learn more about Easton:

Imagine you had to do everything for the next week without one of your hands working? What things might be easy for you? What would really challenge you? If you could make something today that would make life easier for someone else, what would you make?

Closing prayer: Dear God, help us be the kind of people who see problems and are inspired to find solutions. Amen.

Welcome to Lent 2021: 40 Days of World Changers

Dear families,

Welcome to the season of Lent—40 days of prayer and preparation leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, and resurrection. While many choose to give up tangible things for Lent, such as junk food or social media, we are inviting our children, youth and families instead to give in—to possibility, potential and hope. Each day during Lent (at 4pm) we will be sharing with you a brief story about a young person (or group of people) who have made their mark on the world in a positive way. This story will be followed by a question, designed to spark conversation with your family, and a prayer, to close your time together. Whether you can do each day as a family, or only pop on occasionally over the next 6 weeks is up to you, but either way, we hope that these inspiring young people give you ideas for the ways you can change the world, and help you give in to wonder and joy.