Advent Retreat: Spiritual Imagination and the Nativity

Based on Richard Rohr’s Advent teachings as well as the Ignatian practice of imaginative prayer, this weekly retreat will use storytelling, music, and guided visualization to bring participants deep into the heart of the meaningful metaphors of the Christmas story. Tuesdays, 7-8:15 p.m., on zoom, with Carolyn Kolovitz.

Nov. 30: The Annunciation: Saying Yes
Dec 7: The Epiphany: Our Journey
Dec 14: The Nativity: Wonder & Awe

Carolyn Kolovitz is a spiritual director and retreat facilitator at Loyola Spirituality Center with a special interest in engaging younger generations on the spiritual journey. Her “Spiritual Mentoring” workshops are about getting clear on what is most sacred to you, then sharing in a way that connects, not preaches. She has over fifteen years of youth programming experience, an MS in Women’s Studies, an MA in Theology, and a graduate certificate in spiritual direction from St. Catherine University. Carolyn blogs at

Open Door: A Conversation With Clergy – SPECIAL IN-PERSON EDITION!

Are you looking for a place of respite, an opportunity to share your cares and concerns with others in a circle of mutual support?
The pandemic has burdened us in numerous ways and the clergy of Plymouth are aware that many folks are struggling with grief and despair, along with great angst about the condition of our world.
DeWayne, Beth, and Seth will host three in-person opportunities for our community to come together to acknowledge the heaviness of our spirits as well as glean loving care from each other.
Join clergy on Wednesday, October 27 at 10:30 a.m., Thursday, October 28 at 1 p.m. or Monday, November 1 at 6 p.m. We will meet in Guild Hall.

One More Chair – Marine Art Museum

Whether or not you have participated in One More Chair activities in the past, you are invited to join Plymouth members and friends for a day trip on Thursday, October 14, to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum ( in Winona, Mn. We will meet on the patio of the museum at noon for lunch followed by a visit to the museum’s six galleries of works by renowned artists, including Monet, Renoir, and O’Keefe. The admission fee is $7.00. Please bring a picnic lunch or pick up a box lunch at one of several cafes in Winona.
The Museum is located at 800 Riverview Drive, Winona, Mn. From the Plymouth Church building, the drive time is approximately 2&1/2 hours. Carpooling is encouraged, and if you are in need of a ride, or would like further information about the outing or One More Chair, please contact Jim Christenson at 651-895-0644(phone or text) or

Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative

Let’s Reconnect!

It’s been almost 18 months since we’ve been together as a congregation. We have a lot of catching up to do with friends we knew well and a lot of missed opportunities to make up for to build relationships with those we haven’t gotten to know yet.

The Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative Leadership Team at Plymouth would like to participate in this community rebuilding.

We invite you to gather with us via Zoom on Sunday, October 10th at 12:15

We’ll give you a brief history and an update on what Beacon has in mind for the year and then hope each of you will arrange with one of us for a time to have a one-on-one conversation over coffee – or over the phone – at some mutually convenient time. This conversation will not be a Beacon hard sell: on the contrary, the hope is that lots of pairs of people will get acquainted or reacquainted and in so doing will help rebuild some of the ties that bind us at Plymouth.

If you’re willing to join us in this project, please use this link to join us after the 11:00 worship service on Sunday, October 10th:

If you have questions, please contact Linda Jones at lindafred93(at)

Sundays at 5


Dear Beloved Community,


On behalf of the Board of Worship, I am pleased to announce a new worship offering each Sunday evening at 5 p.m. starting on October 2. Rooted in contemplative practices, “Sundays at 5” will feature a slightly different focus and style each Sunday evening at 5 p.m. This worship service is designed to be quieter and more intimate than our Sunday morning services. These opportunities will include:


  • Evensong (1st Sundays) – worship that features thoughtful singing, periods of brief silence and contemplation, and a series of contemporary and scriptural readings for reflection.


  • Sensing the Sacred (2nd Sundays) – a time for resting in centering prayer/meditation; participating in the sacred reading (lectio divina) of word, art or nature; and the sharing of group prayer.


  • Celtic Weavings (3rd Sundays) – a service that celebrates the cycles of land, sea, and sky, affirming our connection to and the presence of Mystery within it.


  • Testimonies: Transformation through Stories (4th Sundays) – an opportunity to explore the narratives of our lives as pathways for growth or hindrance and the spiritual freedom found in sharing them.


  • Taize Worship (5th Sundays) – a gathering focused around simple melodic singing that also includes readings, prayers and periods of quiet.


The Board invites you to join us for any or all of these services, which will meet under the “Big Top” and then move inside in mid-October. Please invite your friends to join us! “Sundays at 5” represent a way of connecting with the Holy that will appeal to many.




Rev. Beth Hoffman Faeth 

Thank You COVID Advisory Group!

By Karen Barstad

When Plymouth Church had to close our building in March of 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, our clergy and staff had to quickly pivot to provide church in a virtual world. Determining what was necessary to protect the health of our church staff, members, children, and tenants became the work of the COVID Advisory Group.

This group— Minister Beth Hoffman Faeth, Dr. David Homans, Dr. John Davenport, Director of Operations Anne Gustafson, and Ministry Assistant for Hospitality Emily Venell—has met every week for the past year to make decisions based on ever-evolving information about this deadly virus.
They collect, decipher, and analyze data from the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, and other scientific resources. They identify tasks each of them will undertake between meetings. They solicit feedback from Philip Brunelle, Nina Jonson, our technical staff, and our security and custodial staff. They develop protocols and communicate the requirements to all who might ask to come through our doors. In all of their recommendations, they acknowledge that ensuring our safety often means saying “no” to physical community.

“This is hard, holy work,” says Beth. “We hold the blessing and the burden of responsibility for this community.”

Plymouth Church can be grateful that this small, dedicated group is quietly and carefully making difficult decisions that always hold our health as their top priority. They ache over every decision that means we cannot share the same physical space. They explore options that make community possible. Because of the COVID Advisory Group’s time, expertise, devotion, and compassion, we can all breathe a bit easier in these breathtaking times. Theirs is a ministry that reflects our commitment to the wellbeing and inclusion of all, a ministry for which we can truly give thanks and praise.

Let’s Reconnect for Affordable Housing!!

It’s been almost 18 months since we’ve been together as a congregation. We have missed our friends and social groups and all that being together brings us. We have also missed opportunities to build new relationships within Plymouth.
With the pandemic affecting the jobs and housing of thousands of more people in Minnesota, Beacon is prioritizing policy work with “Bring It Home, MN”, a bold campaign to provide rental assistance to all who qualify in Minnesota. For this goal to be reached, we need the voices and actions of thousands of people throughout the collaboration to continue to move this action forward.
With this in mind, Plymouth’s Beacon Leadership Team would like to invite you to join us for a short gathering in Jackman Hall – or in the tent if necessary – either during the 10:00 hour or after church, on October 10th, for a brief overview of what the Beacon Leadership Team has been working on during the pandemic and to hear about Beacon’s initiative to end homelessness, “Bring It Home, MN”, and how we can help to bring this ambitious program to reality.
We would also like to visit with you one on one, perhaps over coffee or after church, at a time that works for you, to deepen our relationships and reaffirm our support for housing justice and our vision that everyone deserves a home.
If you can join us at either time on October 10th, please register with Linda Jones ( Refreshments will be served.

Introducing: The Presence Team

How full our days are: so many responsibilities, commitments, and distractions too. How do we make time to genuinely engage with critical issues in our community? Yes, we can send a donation or learn more about an issue, but in our hearts we may feel that we’d like to be truly present for issues that have a serious moral and spiritual dimension.

If you’re like me, you also sometimes feel anxious or uncertain about participating in a demonstration or joining a march or vigil if you need to do it alone. I know I’d like to be a presence, but it would feel easier if I had a friend or two with me.

Being present—in a particular place, and fully focused or involved in an issue or action—is a powerful way to live out our faith and convictions. Presence can be a truly affirming experience for us as well as those whose needs or rights we’re supporting.

In order to encourage more of us to be a living presence, Plymouth is creating a Presence Team, and you as well as any friends of the Plymouth community are invited to join us. Become part of an informal group where you can easily learn about marches/vigils/demonstrations in the Twin Cities, and join in with other Plymouth folk to participate. Many of these experiences would be appropriate to attend as a family or as a grandparent with grandchild.

The Presence Team will have event information relating to several issues: race, immigration, climate and more. Your suggestions for events to be included are welcome!

Please contact Judy Takkunen ( or Peter Eichten ( for more information.