Sunday Forum Schedule

January–May 2024

January 7

Moving Mountains Together
Affordable Housing in the Twin Cities

Chris LaTondresse, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative President & CEO

January 14

Racial and Environmental Injustice Intertwined
Centering Equity and Justice in the Clean Energy Transition

Sara Wolff, climate strategist and Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light Strategic Policy Director

January 21

Agrarian Faith
Regenerative Farming and Just Eating as Christian Practices

Rev. Carrie Meyer

January 28

Why Are We Polarized
What the Research Shows

Nathan Stock

February 4

Ranked Choice Voting
Its Present and Future

Laura Calbone, FairVote Minnesota

February 11

The Illustrated Old Testament

Sam Robertson, artist

February 18

The Urban American Indian Community

Louise Matson, Executive Director of the Division of Indian Work and Plymouth member

February 25

North Star Act
Safety, Trust, and Respect for All Minnesotans

MN State Senator Omar Fateh and Adriana Cerillo, Board of Education for Minneapolis Public Schools and lead organizer for the North STAR Alliance

March 3

History and Current Status of Native Lands

Cris Stainbrook, President of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation

March 10

The Lake Street Recovery
A Progress Report

Allison Sharkey, Executive Director of Lake Street Council

March 17

Beneficiaries of the Easter Offering

E.J. Kelley, Board of Outreach Chair

March 24

Investing for a Better World
Harnessing the Power of Finance through Sustainable and Impact Investing

Jane Bulnes-Fowles

March 31

No Sunday Forum [Easter Sunday]

April 7

Indigenous Twin Cities
A Look at the American Indian Cultural Corridor and Beyond

Robert Lilligren and John Williams, Native American Community Development Institute

April 14

Natural Options at the End of Life

Angela Woosley

April 21

Plymouth’s Journey to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

David Homans, Katie Dillon, Tim Fremouw; Climate and Environmental Justice

April 28

Leading in Shared Electric Mobility

James Vierling, Head of Growth, Marketing, & Communications at HourCar

May 5

Understanding the Complaint and Accountability Process for Minneapolis Police Officers

Latonya Reeves, Vice-Chair of the Minneapolis Community Commission on Police Oversight

May 12

From Minister to Mechanic

Cathy Heying, Founder/Executive Director of The Lift Garage

May 19

Restorative Actions
Surrendering Wealth for Mutual Well-being

Milissa Carter and Reverend Sarah Moore-Nokes, Restorative Actions

Heeding Spirit Voices: Intuition and Healing in A Council of Dolls

Long-time writer friends Mona Susan Power and Elizabeth Fletcher discuss the part intuition plays in their writing practices. Readers often imagine that creative writing is a wholly cerebral enterprise where each step of the way authors make conscious choices regarding craft, character, and plot. In reality, some writers surrender to the mystery of a process that can never be controlled, but rather is accessed by an open-hearted trust in the deep intelligence of our connection to all beings, past and present. Part of the conversation will focus on Power’s recently published novel, A Council of Dolls, which felt like a gift from her ancestors rather than a project she chose to write.

A free event co-sponsored by Literary Witnesses and the Eye of the Heart Center
7:00-8:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 24th at Plymouth

Link to register: