The Arts

We believe the arts are an avenue to the sacred. Our permanent art collection challenges, comforts and inspires, with exhibits throughout the program year. Our extraordinary music program, Literary Witnesses series and other offerings bring the arts into daily life at Plymouth.

Theater 45°

“You Shall Hear Me”, produced in collaboration between Theater 45° and Theater Mu features the work of Eric Sharp, Katie Hae Leo, Isabella Dawis, and Bao Phi. The four-episode audio series delves into themes of righteous anger and retribution and includes tales of angry ghosts, underdogs with mysterious powers, a post-apocalyptic love story, accursed soldiers, and a magical talking horse. One short audio story will be released each week starting October 1, 2021, and will be available through November 3, 2021.


Two Sisters. Two Media. One Perspective

Sally Nystrom and Tori Jensen

We two sisters have been working on similar subject matter in our still lives.  Our still lifes have metaphysical themes.  Life and death, the transience of time, spirituality, good and evil in this universe.

The contrast of our work is one of media choice.  Tori does large charcoal drawings in a monochromatic display.  Sally paints large canvases in oil with rich color and uses some similar universal icons in her work, such as crosses, buddhas, clocks, and skeletons.

The two sisters have great contrasts in their work. Although they often use the same objects, their work is dissimilar.

Past Exhibits


Plymouth’s extraordinary music program is under the direction of the internationally renowned Phillip Brunelle. Learn more.

Literary Witnesses


Plymouth is home to magnificent embroideries. These huge artworks were designed by British artist Pauline Baynes and created by The Needlers, a multi-generational fellowship group, active at Plymouth for more than 40 years.