Two Sisters. Two Media. One Perspective.


We two sisters have been working on similar subject matter in our still lives.  Our still lifes have metaphysical themes.  Life and death, the transience of time, spirituality, good and evil in this universe.

The contrast of our work is one of media choice.  Tori does large charcoal drawings in a monochromatic display.  Sally paints large canvases in oil with rich color and uses some similar universal icons in her work, such as crosses, buddhas, clocks, and skeletons.

The two sisters have great contrasts in their work. Although they often use the same objects, their work is dissimilar.

Sally Nystrom

Sally Nystrom is an artist and art teacher who has a private studio in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis. She graduated with a BA from St. Catherine’s College in 1991, and has continued her studies, focusing on her love of art history. In 1993, she began as a teaching protege with Sally Brown, a founding member of WARM (The Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota). Together they taught in Sally Brown’s studio school and for the University of Minnesota adjunct programs. They have developed curriculum for various art programs in Minnesota and Wisconsin. After Sally Brown’s retirement, Sally Nystrom continued with her own school of art for adults until she retired in 2016. Her latest body of work comprises modern still lifes with an unusual perspective.

Most recent shows:

2015: Vine Gallery in the Ivy Building

2013: Congregational Church

2012: Hopkins Art Center

2008: Minnesota Center for Books