Plymouth is a very special place, fostering Deep Roots—Strong Spirit—Bright Future. Plymouth Congregational Church buoys up our hearts, strengthens our hands, and needs every one of us to continue and expand its support and its impact.

Every year, we seek to understand the coming needs of the Church as well as the financial commitments we have to work with to meet those needs. It is that time again and we ask you to help us by letting us know, through your pledge to the 2021 Stewardship campaign.  Your pledge can be changed and does not set up your donations. It simply lets us know what you are planing. So that we can make our plans. Your annual giving makes a significant impact on outreach and community life, on our programs for children and youth, on worship, music, and the arts. For more information on Plymouth’s annual campaign, contact Rev. Dr. DeWayne L. Davis, 612-977-1261.

Why we pledge,
John Shenk.