Children, Youth and Families

Children have a very special place at Plymouth. We teach our young people Biblical stories through a progressive Christian lens. We emphasize the arts and social justice from a young age. The work and development of our young people are integrated into every part of building our church community.

As children grow up at Plymouth they move into the Youth Program, the youth of our congregation are actively living their spirituality, exploring relevant issues, and learning the history of the Christian faith. Our Children and Youth leadership develop and offer service activities, retreats, and camps to benefit our young people’s spiritual development and meet them, exactly where they are on their journey.

For more information, contact our Director or Children and Youth Ministries Nina Jonson, ninaj (at)

Updates From Nina

Summer Camp Registrations


Non-Plymouth friends, neighbors, grandkids or grandparents are welcome to register!
Something for everyone ages 5 – 105.
*June 14-18–CAMP CLUB! Registration closes FRIDAY, June 5th! Lots of space left
*July 12-15–Peace Camp
Lots of space left
*July 16–Summer Fun Day
*August 26-29th–Camp Plymouth (Luther Crest, Alexandria)
Almost full!

This week at Plymouth for Children, Youth and Families: June 2, 2021

There is lots going on in this week’s email!

  • In-person outdoor worship resumes on Sunday June 6th at 9am! Bring your own chair and mask!
  • Join us for an all-ages Water Pilgrimage around Lake of the Isles from 10:30-12:30 this Sunday!
  • Camp registrations are available! Friends, cousins and neighbors are all welcome to participate. Registration for Club Camp (June 14-18) closes Friday!
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on zoom Sunday June 13th at 12:15pm. Registration is required.

Details, registration links and much more HERE!

This week at Plymouth, for Children, Youth and Families

I don’t want you to miss out on everything in this week’s email! Here’s what we cover

*Important upcoming events (including NO CHURCH SCHOOL this weekend!)

*Registration for Camp Club! and Camp Plymouth are both open! Due to COVID, spots are limited and will fill fast.

*Ways to support our graduating seniors

*In-person worship and church school starting June 6th!

And more! Check it all out HERE!

Give in to Hope Day 47: YOU!

Here we are, on Easter morning–a day of hope, of rebirth, of new life, and of possibilities! Over the past weeks, we have learned about young people from all over the world, all with different passions, different problems, and different plans for their futures! Each of these heroes had something in common–they didn’t wait until they were adults to start on their path to change the world. You don’t have to either! You inspire the people around you every day

Here is my favorite verse in the bible, from 1 Timothy 4:12–“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith…”

You are the example grown-ups need in the world. You have the power to make a difference. The choice is up to you–what change are you going to make?

Questions for families: Thinking about the world around you, what is a problem (big or small) that you would like to make some kind of impact on? Can we make a list of information we need to get, and ways we could get involved? How can I, as your caring adult, help support you?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Thank you for putting these heroes into the world, and into our lives. Help us find our purpose, so we can make a difference too! Amen.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to Give in to Hope for the last 47 days. We can’t wait to see where hope will take you next! We’d love to hear how you enjoyed our Lent experience for Children, Youth and Families. Please email with any comments or suggestions!

With love, Nina, Dylan, and the Committee for Children, Youth and Families


with Nina Jonson

Other videos in this series are available here.

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