Event Series Welcoming Prayer

Welcoming Prayer


sponsored by Plymouth Contemplatives This is a method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to events and situations in daily life. It contributes to the process of dismantling the false-self system and to heal the wounds of a lifetime. It focuses on the feelings and experiences in the […]

Spiritual Exploration – Introduction to Centering Prayer


Introduction to Centering Prayer This course presents the basic theological principles and method of Centering Prayer which is a form of Christian meditation now practiced worldwide. There are 2 sessions of centering prayer as well as brief presentations on the why, how and purpose of Centering Prayer. (Participants are encouraged to attend follow up sessions […]

Creating Mandalas: Finding Healing in the Sacred Circle


This daylong virtual workshop will begin with a conference on the universal symbol of the sacred circle known as the “mandala.” Participants will learn how this symbol is present in all cultures and faith expressions of the world, as well as why we are naturally drawn to this sacred shape. During our sessions we will […]