Embroidery Materials October 2018–October 2019

A special congregational meeting was held on Nov. 10, 2019, starting at 10 a.m. Of those present, 561 members submitted votes on the motion to adopt an alternative action plan (see below for details). The results were 189 Yes votes for the plan; 372 No votes against. Thus the Leadership Council plan remains active. Here is an audio recording of the meeting.

Please note that members had to be present to vote; according to the Plymouth bylaws, absentee or proxy votes are not allowed. 

Background: On September 19, the Deacons received a petition requesting a special congregational meeting to replace the Plymouth Leadership Council Embroideries Action Plan dated May 28, 2019, with an alternative action plan.  Article III, Section 2 of the bylaws allows that a special meeting may be called upon the written request of 25 or more members of the Church: those who signed the petition are listed here (updated 10.17.19). The leadership of the church have responded to this plan with a joint statement. The three leaders of the alternative plan have written two letters, addressed to their fellow congregation members, which are linked here: Oct. 8, 2019 and Oct. 11, 2019. In addition, the document on the images, intent and impact of Churchmen in the New World is posted online as well as being available at church. As of Oct. 28, we have re-posted recordings of past meetings and sermons on this topic.