RJI Establishes Purpose Statement and Goals

by Catherine Shreves and Sonia Cairns, co-chairs of RJI

Purpose Statement


Live out our faith and values by accelerating Plymouth’s actions to heal pervasive racial injustice through individual, congregational and community transformation.




  • Deepen our personal awareness of white advantage in systemic racism through a spiritual, honest and compassionate approach to ourselves and others.



  • Cultivate our Plymouth community commitment to build awareness and work to dismantle racist structures in our personal lives, the life of our congregation and the life of our community.



  • Foster relationships and opportunities to listen to, learn from and partner with organizations led by people not protected by whiteness and other allies who are committed to nurturing racial justice in our communities.


 Spiritual Principles to Guide our Work


  • We acknowledge that many of us are beneficiaries of a system that advantages white-bodied people.
  • We follow the yearning of our souls to build a just world.
  • We care for one another with grace and compassion through this challenging work.
  • We foster non-judgmental spaces and safe places to have honest conversations.
  • We deepen our understanding of our country’s more complete history by learning from people whose stories have not been included in the dominant historical narratives.

  *These categories are not mutually exclusive