Inquirer’s Classes

In this time of pandemic and racial reckoning, during which we are experiencing both isolation and a call to action, the community has never been more important. And while it may seem unusual to host new member classes during this time, yet I think now is exactly the right time to consider if joining Plymouth Church is the right thing for you. We believe that Plymouth provides unique ways to explore and experience progressive Christianity, personal spirituality, the arts, and social justice, all within a supportive congregation. To know the care and concern of others during these uncertain days is a special blessing, and feeling rooted within a spiritual community can be life-affirming.
I plan to offer a series in two Zoom sessions (date and time to be determined based on participants’ availability) called “Inquirer’s Classes,” during which some history of Plymouth will be shared along with relevant information on governance, programs and activities, and vision for the future. Participating in the series does not obligate you to church membership. Following the classes, for those who are interested, we will design a special Membership Sunday, during which our new members would participate remotely. Please email me (bethf (a) to let me know of your interest in participating in the “Inquirer’s Classes” and ask any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you . . . and to creating community with you!
Beth Hoffman Faeth
Minister for Congregational Care & Worship