Prayer Circle Re-Dedication Saturday, May 8th at 9:00 a.m.

The Prayer Circle outside Jones Commons was created on Earth Day, 2020 with guidance from Ojibwe elder Sharon M. Day. It is a circle of natural elements, made of anything that is available – a place for gathering, reflecting, praying, and connecting with the earth.

Day guided us in making this prayer circle in the same manner as the circles created at the end of every day on indigenous-led water walking ceremonies that travel the lengths of rivers. She invites us to see all these prayer circles as creating a network, and together they are “spreading love like honey.” Plymouth’s prayer circle took on new meaning in 2020 when it became the only accessible physical space dedicated to prayer on Plymouth’s otherwise locked grounds. It is open to everyone at all times. People are welcome to add a flower or a small stone at any time, or simply a prayer in their heart, to the circle. It’s like lighting a candle, yet it has an added dimension of bringing us into a deeper relationship and conversation with the earth herself.

The prayer circle was originally created with stones. For safety reasons, we are going to re-set the prayer circle with a braid of willows. Come join in the process of intentionally re-dedicating this place for connection, reflection, and prayer right at this major intersection in our wounded city. We will gather outside Jones Commons at 9:00 and first walk a very large circle around all of Plymouth to center ourselves in the place where we are. Then we will set the prayer circle and have a time for sharing our highest hopes for the healing that may unfold from something as simple as a prayer circle.

Please wear a mask and bring a flower to add to the circle along with your prayer. If you plan to participate, please RSVP to the Climate and Environmental Justice group at