Let’s Reconnect for Affordable Housing!!

It’s been almost 18 months since we’ve been together as a congregation. We have missed our friends and social groups and all that being together brings us. We have also missed opportunities to build new relationships within Plymouth.
With the pandemic affecting the jobs and housing of thousands of more people in Minnesota, Beacon is prioritizing policy work with “Bring It Home, MN”, a bold campaign to provide rental assistance to all who qualify in Minnesota. For this goal to be reached, we need the voices and actions of thousands of people throughout the collaboration to continue to move this action forward.
With this in mind, Plymouth’s Beacon Leadership Team would like to invite you to join us for a short gathering in Jackman Hall – or in the tent if necessary – either during the 10:00 hour or after church, on October 10th, for a brief overview of what the Beacon Leadership Team has been working on during the pandemic and to hear about Beacon’s initiative to end homelessness, “Bring It Home, MN”, and how we can help to bring this ambitious program to reality.
We would also like to visit with you one on one, perhaps over coffee or after church, at a time that works for you, to deepen our relationships and reaffirm our support for housing justice and our vision that everyone deserves a home.
If you can join us at either time on October 10th, please register with Linda Jones (lindafred93@gmail.com). Refreshments will be served.