Volunteer With Meals On Wheels

Make a Difference – Volunteers Needed!
Taking an hour out of your Thursday around 11 a.m. on a weekly or monthly basis to deliver meals is a very satisfying experience. You may meet some fascinating people. On my first day of delivering meals, I picked up the Star Tribune on the doorstep of an apartment. The headline read, “Gordon Parks Dies”. Barbara answered my knock at her door, and I gave her the meal and her paper. I asked her if she knew Gordon Parks, and Barbara told me, “You know he asked me to marry him one day, and I should have taken him up on it”. After that introduction, it was always a delight to deliver a meal to Barbara.
Plymouth Church was one of the founding members of Loring-Nicollet Meals on Wheels and has supported it continually with yearly financial support and volunteers. There are currently six Plymouth members who volunteer, down from a total of 30 a few years ago. COVID has had a lot to do with this decline.
Meals on Wheels is now re-gearing up to serve the downtown community with meals and is soliciting new volunteers. Please contact Fran Neir, the Plymouth Coordinator for Meals on Wheels, if you are interested in volunteering. He can be reached at 612-240-8091 or by email at feneir@gmail.com. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Meals on Wheels.