This I Believe | Racial Justice Is Personal

Plymouth member Richard Jewell is featured in This I Believe | Racial Justice Is Personal video, a project of the Racial Justice Initiative. The goal of these personal stories is to inspire reflection and action, and we offer them with humility and vulnerability. The video is included below.

Through This I Believe, Plymouth members can practice speaking up, and we invite you to listen with an open heart and mind. RJI hopes that all of these personal stories, from people you may know, will inspire deeper thought about your own relationship to systemic racism. Before Plymouth can become a truly antiracist church, we need to first look at our own participation in a system that favors white people.

If you are interested in writing a personal statement and/or being featured in an upcoming video, you can learn more about the journey and view previous videos at or contact Jean Kennedy at We are looking for many Plymouth members to be involved.