Gallery Exhibit: Saving Mother Earth

Howard Conn Gallery Exhibition – January 8 – March 31st, 2022 Saving Mother Earth:

by Lynnette Black

We are privileged to be hosting Saving Mother Earth, a group exhibition showcasing artists from varied backgrounds, using diverse materials to express their concerns, champion activism, and cherish the beauty and abundance of our earth.


Janet Essley, M.A. is a painter of the Daughters of the Earth Series, muralist, and teaching artist with 20 years of experience creating collaborative murals with youth and adults. Her personal artwork focuses on themes of environmental and social justice.

Janet lives in White Salmon, WA a small town on the Columbia River, close to wilderness where she and her husband love to backpack.;

Claudia Poser is a ceramicist and author of “Dreaming in German”, a memoir. Claudia, a chemist by profession, fell in love with clay thirty years ago and never looked back. She has installed sculptural wall pieces in homes and public spaces all over the Twin Cities.  Her current work is rooted in her love of trees and the natural world. Like Parker Palmer, she envisions heaven to look like the BWCA.

Deb Miner is a Twin Cities artist and illustrator who loves nature, whimsy, and exploring. As a long-time designer, she’s also a big picture thinker who develops ideas to be functional, delightful, and engaging. Deb is currently creating drawings and surface patterns for a range of uses—including fabrics, wallpaper, and useful items for everyday use in the home, office.
Instagram: @debminerdesigner

Rob Larson, a native Minnesotan, photographer, and digital artist. Rob has been interested in photography his entire life, particularly in the art of nature. After all, he believes Mother Nature is truly the greatest artist. Rob explores a distinct digital photographic art form that reminds us of the painted renderings of the impressionist. His images can be alternately recognizable or totally abstract.