Lenten Meditations: March 16

“Sometimes carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.”   Albert Camus



Because of Covid, there is much conversation about timing: when can we go to events or restaurants, when can we take off our masks, when is it safe to visit with family and friends inside, or when will we get back to how life used to be. No surprise we think these or similar thoughts each day. Safety for our families, concern about a friend’s illness, desire for more human interactions make us sensitive to the daily grind created by the word “When”.

We need a salve to ease the grind. We need a well-deserved pat on the back and that is what Camus is saying. He commends us and our efforts, our caring for each other and for ourselves. His words acknowledge that our moving through each day as best we can is enough, and in fact, it is heroic.


May we love ourselves enough to know we are enough; in carrying on, we are living as best we can. May we love ourselves enough to pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge our superhuman efforts with a huge YES!