Lenten Meditations: March 30

….The new and the full and the dark

Of the moon,

The shapes in the shadows,

The brightness of noon

All have their place in the turning of time…

Both coming and going

Have reason

and rhyme.

I welcome the fruits,

I welcome new birth,

As old wounds are healed

In the joy

Of the earth.

  • An excerpt from The Healer by Nancy Rose Meeker



In the darkness, in the grayness of this season, while we wait impatiently for the bright rays of sun to warm the frozen ground and bring forth new life. I am reminded of the juxtaposition of the grief and the hope that we hold in our hearts. That the darkness we endure brings new meaning, new appreciation to the life ahead.

Like many, I’ve spent a lot of time in grief during the last few years. There have also been moments of great healing and great life-giving joy. I look forward to watching the transformation unfold. To see what new beauty will come from those painfully healed wounds? What transformation have we gone through during the dark that we will finally see in the light?


May we have strength through the hard times and the gray times, the courage to embrace the transformation that comes with healing, and to step fearlessly into the light and embrace the joy.