Live Skills Fair

Saturday, May 21

10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Kids grades 7-12
Lunch is provided!
Prizes and giveaways!

The work and development of our young people are integrated into every part of building our church community. On Saturday, May 21 youth in grades 7 through 12 are invited to participate in an event to connect the youth of our community with resources that have the skills and experience they are interested in developing.

Our offerings include:

  1. Ummm..what’s that light? Automotive basics, Jereb Chatham 
  2. Savvy scholars and unique dollars: College Hunting and Scholarships, Jeff Young 
  3. Maybe not student debt? The Benefits of Trade School, Ann Ludlow
  4. Munching without Moolah: Delicious Dinner on a Budget, Leah Young 
  5. Don’t Be Alarmed: Home Safety Basics, Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew 
  6. It’s all about resumes, baes: Preparing for the Future, Linda Mofle 
  7. Lean, Green Eco Machine Dylan Church 
  8. The chain is supposed to be ON the bike: Bike Repair Basics, Chuck Bottemiller 
  9. It’s an emergency!!!! Safety basics, David Homans 
  10. Knowing Sewing, Kristin Bottemiller 
  11. How many holes in the wall is too many holes in the wall? Home repair basics, Tom Anderson 
  12. Sex in and out of the city, Lindsey Hoskins, Family Tree Clinic 
  13. Yoga for Mental Health, Haley Brunelle 
  14. First Impressions Matter!, Bridget Addams 
  15. Getting frank about making bank: Budgeting, Taxes and Credit Cards Nora Anderson

See you there!!!