Campus Task Force Update

Week of Sept 21, 2022

Last spring and summer, well over 100 members and staff responded with over 500 recommendations for the future use of our building, our adjacent properties, and how we can be more welcoming to our neighbors. Grounded in our historic 150+ year tradition of strengthening our neighborhood through partnerships that serve its needs, we acknowledge that our building and land represent substantial financial wealth that can better support the church’s Growth Task Force Plan and the Purposes of the Church.

One of those Purposes is “….to further social, economic, racial and environmental justice”. The Deacons have charged the Campus Task Force with making specific and highest priority recommendations to them in December. Grateful for the members’ enthusiasm, generous attitudes, and creativity, we use a process of discernment to identify the most prominent themes. We are focused on potential uses for the building, including our existing and not yet existing buildings, our grounds, potential programs and services for which we could offer space, stated needs of our near neighbors and those in the broader community, our relationships with them and, underlying all, how our Plymouth culture supports or undermines these ideas.

In our next blog post, we will discuss what we are learning from our neighbors, both those who live in the neighborhood, those who move in and out of it, those who are inadequately housed, and those organizations and companies that own or rent the property and operate programs and businesses.

We are particularly exploring how Plymouth’s resources, commitment, and creativity merge with the needs most expressed by our neighbors. How can we together strengthen the neighborhood and our relationships with our neighbors?


Contact Sonia Cairns, with more ideas.