June 18 – August 31, 2023
A reception will be held on Sunday, July 9, 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Ten paintings of global women environmental leaders will be on display by Janet Essley, painted over 20 years of research into their stories of leadership. Additional Art on view by local women artists who are active in raising awareness about climate change, environmental advocates, and educators.

Artists: Janet Essley

Curator/artist Lynnette Black
Susan Huhn Bowles

Dr. Barbara Bridges

Sara Church

Sam Greene

Alis Olson

Ellen Schillace
Jill Stebbins

Meng Teng
Rosalie Ultan

Jill Waterhouse

Janet Essley is a social and environmental justice activist, painter, educator, and community muralist who lives in White Salmon, Washington. www.theredknotspro.com

Lynnette K. Black is a printmaker, curator, and co-chair of the Conn Gallery committee. lynnetteblackart.com

Susan Huhn-Bowles is a visual artist using collage, mixed media, and bookmaking to express her love of Mother Earth and her dismay at the pollution and degradation the planet is suffering. Instagram: irmaskid.

Dr. Barbara Bridges, Founder, and Director of Art To Change The World, is an artist and a teacher/college professor for over 40 years. www.arttochangetheworld.com

Sara Church is an artist inspired by the natural world, an art teacher and an interior designer. https://sarachurch.art

Sam Greene creates contemporary fairy tale images with a spiritual focus in traditional and digital media. www.sciencepiction.com. Instagram: polymyrna.

Alis Olson, MFA, is an environmental artist, educator, and former President of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota.

Ellen Schillace seeks a visual language that gives voice to the self, the other, the natural environment, and the fact that we are all connected as one.

Jill Stebbins is a retired family doctor. She likes to say, “I went from taking care of the human body to drawing and painting the human figure.”

Meng Teng, MFA, is an award-winning filmmaker and educator, professor of new media at the University of Minnesota, and founder of the International Association of Female Artists. www.mengtang.us.

Rosalie Ultan, PhD, is a poet and educator who draws on her background in the arts and interest in nature to write poetry about her experiences in the everyday wonders of life.

Jill Waterhouse is a visual artist and writer/performer whose 4+ decades of work critically examine the “frayed edges of the American social fabric,” as well as the larger international context, especially around art and the environment.

Janet Essley – Daughters o the Earth. Paintings.
Dr. Barbara Bridges – Mighty Mississippi. Found Object Sculpture.
Jill Stebbins – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late. Painting.
Sara Church – Nature Details. Painting.
Jill Waterhouse – Chornobyl’s Pendulum. Found Object Sculpture.
Susan Huhn-Bowles – Stream, River, Ocean. Mixed Media Book Arts.