Notes from the Human Resources Committee

A Gentle Reminder

If you want to set up a meeting, zoom or other communication, it is necessary to use the “Facility, Events, Zoom Request” form (for scheduling in-person or online events) and the “Marketing or Communication Request” form (for communications). These dark blue/gray buttons are easily found on our web page. The Marketing & Communication Form is also used to submit content for This Week at Plymouth, the Friday email newsletter, and Flame articles. These forms are prioritized and can be accessed by multiple staff members to complete the request. Please do not use emails to schedule meetings at Plymouth. By using these forms, your needs can be seen and provided for even when a staff member is out of the office due to vacation or illness. Thanks for your help!

Resting on Mondays

Let’s Practice Patience and Kindness

The Human Resources Committee is sensitive to the impact on our staff and clergy as Plymouth determines what it has the capacity to fund and provide. When times are easier and morale of our staff, clergy, friends, and members is high, we are at our best. As Plymouth enters a more challenging time and explores budget adjustments, we invite us all to be kind, adjust our expectations, express our gratitude, and be of service. Our wonderful staff and clergy are here to serve, and their portfolios are full. Starting July 1, the building will be rested on Mondays; the staff will not be resting but will be shifting their schedules to accommodate their particular responsibilities. We continue to encourage clergy to enjoy a day of rest on Fridays. Plymouth being Plymouth, we each have an opinion about almost everything. As we express opinions and needs, in person and in emails, let’s assume a positive intent, pause, and edit out any mean-spirited comments. Sometimes expressing an opinion of gratitude would be well received. A wise woman once suggested considering multiple perspectives: my need, Plymouth’s need, Plymouth’s mission. As we continue to come together, we are called more than ever to live into our Covenant as a God inspired community of faith AND LOVE—within, among and beyond.