Creative Quarterly

Throughout the year, Plymouth will offer four distinct creative experiences, each culminating in a sharing during worship.

Spring Revival

February 21–April 24

For children, youth, and adults!

The last of our Creative Quarterly classes—Spring Revival—begins Wednesday, February 21 at 6:45pm. Weekly meetings go through April 24, with a sharing during worship on April 28. This experience will be intergenerational and is open to everyone in our Plymouth community. Please join us!

Sandy Spieler will lead us through an artistic and contemplative journey about feet and footsteps. “With each step we take, we make decisions, big and small, known and unknown. How do we honor the ground we walk on? Can each step be a prayer? How do we make an honorable path in this world? During this year’s Spring Revival, we will be designing and decorating shoes made out of cardboard. We will be thinking about the impact of of our steps, learning songs and words about guiding our feet, and uncovering the intention behind our steps.”


Spoken Word

September 10–October 11

First, we explore the art of Spoken Word with Pierre Fulford, an artist who teaches us how to access our creativity to tell our stories, often through hip-hop rhythms and traditions.

Chime Time

October 25–December 20

Peace Printmaking

January 3–February 7