How to access the inventory of books in our Plymouth Library

We have an abundance of 3100 books in our Elaine Marsh Plymouth church library. There are often questions about how to search for the books in our library. To check out what books we have in our library, there are several ways to do that. As a reminder, on the top of our website at, there is a heading called About, if you scroll down to the middle of that section, you will find the link to the inventory of books at the library, which can be searched by subject, titles, or authors.

You can also find a link to the library below.

There are also URL addresses and QR codes around the library and the library desk with direct access to the catalog. When checking out books, it is important to include an email &/or phone number, as that is the only way to follow up on overdue books. We encourage everyone who hasn’t been in the library to check it out. You will be amazed at the rich reading we have in our library.