Celebrate Larry Johnson!

Larry Johnson, our Drop In Coordinator, is retiring from his position at the end of December. For 15 years Larry has produced meaningful programs for our Drop In participants and has developed transformational relationships with those he has served. You are invited to a celebration of Larry’s ministry with us at a reception on Wednesday, December 20, at 2 p.m. in Jones Commons.  (This will immediately follow our Drop In Christmas Chapel at 1 p.m.)  Please come and offer gratitude to Larry for his tremendous ministry, enjoy some cake, and visit with our Drop In community.

At the reception for Larry, Philip Brunelle and Maria Jette presented a song: previously unknown lyrics (“discovered” by Philip) to “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers and Hammerstein:

Larry’s a Johnson and grew up in Bloomington;
Married Elaine, wrote a book titled “Sixty One.”
He loves to walk, many miles is his style;
Give him a chance and he’d swim in the Nile.

He drives a Prius, a one-car family;
Works for the veterans, for him there’s no enemy.
He’s very musical: everyone knows:
Conch shell and faucet, and even a hose.

Educator, instigator,
And a TV guy.
He loves telling stories—it’s his kind of work.
He’ll always has more—his perk.

Larry’s a guy who partakes in athletics.
Starting with track he was never pathetic.
Little league sports got him right from the start—
He had a passion that never would part.

Larry tells stories and educates people,
Out in the woods or in church with a steeple.
Themes about climate or peaceful resolve:
He is the master as stories evolve.

Drop In Center—he’s the mentor—
Always on the ball!
We thank you dear Larry for all you have done,
It’s time to relax—have fun!