2024 Budget Update

Next Budget Discussion

Sunday, January 21, 2024, at 10 a.m.

Join the Deacons this Sunday at 10:00 for a conversation about why Plymouth’s 2024 budget has been postponed.

December 18, 2023

Dear Plymouth Members and Friends,

Over the last six months, many of you have participated in conversations about Plymouth’s values and our budget. Thank you for your active engagement in this soulful congregational work. That work is having consequences.

At a meeting on December 7, in preparation for presenting a 2024 budget to the congregation, the Board of Finance and Administration, the Deacons, our clergy, and the Treasurer unanimously agreed to delay final approval of a 2024 budget (which had been set for January 21, 2024) until a date no later than June. Practically, this means, as the Plymouth by-laws state, that the current budget will remain in effect until a new one is adopted.

We did this to give us all the time and the space needed to create a budget that prioritizes our values, invests in the things we need to change, and does both in a financially responsible manner. All parties have agreed to reconstruct a budget that will work to fulfill those goals in a way that enhances and amplifies the great spirit that is so evident within the congregation at the present time.

The Deacons are committed to continuing our congregation conversations to keep you informed and involved. We will use the January 21 date, along with others, for one of those conversations. We ask for your prayers and your patience as we work together to create a 2024 budget that works to fulfill our values and that keeps Plymouth the shining light in the Twin Cities that it has been for decades.

The Clergy Team

DeWayne Davis, Lead Minister; Beth Hoffman Faeth, Minister for Congregational Life; Seth Patterson, Minister for Justice & the Arts

The Board of Finance & Administration

Peg Birk; Larry Brandts; Cathy Crane; Gina DelCorazon, Co-chair; Mike McGettigan; Rick Seime, Co-chair; Jean Thomson; Kevin Walker; Dobby West

The Deacons

Sue Astin; Annette Atkins, Clerk; John Cairns; Peter Eichten, Moderator; Sarah Lehman; Jay Matre; Mike McCallister, Treasurer; Lynn Moline; Johanna Schussler