Participate in our Lenten Meditation series!

Dear Friends,

Once again, we are seeking your help to create Plymouth’s Lenten Meditations collection, which has been provided as an offering for over 15 years. We know these reflections help connect us as a community of faith, and we hope the time you take to write and share one or more meditations is a blessing of its own for you.

We encourage you to forward this request to others who might want to contribute to the book this year.

The format we follow is simple. An example from last year is provided below.

  1. a quote from scripture or another source
  2. your reflection
  3. a prayer

Please submit your contribution(s) to Madeline Severtson.

The Plymouth Church Board of Spiritual Formation



This is our calling—co-creation. Every single one of us, without exception, is called to co-create with God. No one is too unimportant to have a share in the making or unmaking of the final shining-forth. Everything that we do either draws the Kingdom of love closer, or pushes it further off.

—Madeleine L’Engle, And It Was Good: Reflections on Beginnings


I find this a powerful piece. It’s certainly good news that “every single one of us” is an active co-creator with God. But with that comes a big responsibility. That last sentence sends us off with a real challenge as “everything we do” can bring us closer to the Kingdom of Love—or it pushes it further away.


Lord, help us co-create with you, bringing us all closer to your love. Help us see the opportunities every day for us to draw together. Let us not push away but be aware of all the ways we can gather together to co-create your beloved community. Amen.