Plymouth Game Night

Our next gathering:

Thursday, May 9, 2024, 6–8 p.m., Jones Commons

All are welcome to join fellow Plymouthites to play easy board or card games in Jones Commons at our monthly Game Night! Bring a game you’d like to play or just pull up a chair and learn something new. Bring a beverage or snack of your choosing if desired. Email bgores (at) for more details.

“Play is just as critical for adults as for kids.” Who said that? Believe it or not, archeologists who studied biblical times.

According to Biblical Archaeology Review, playing board games has been around for millennia. One of the oldest board games in the world – The Royal Game of Ur (pictured) – was played in ancient Mesopotamia more than 4,500 years ago! “In the biblical world, board games were part of routine domestic life.” BAR, Spring 2023

Why are you hearing about this now? Because Plymouth’s Game Night brings us together to play friendly games of cards and board games.

Little did the organizers of this group know that they were following in Jesus’ footsteps! And Matthew! Moses! Lilith!

Fun fact for your kids: back in ancient times, they would use pebbles, bones, sticks, twigs – and even animal turds – for gameplay. Can you just picture Adam and Eve sitting under those apple trees competing with sticks and stones?

Besides, what else would Jesus do in his downtime when he wasn’t turning water into wine? Didn’t you memorize Matthew 21:12? “And Jesus jumped and danced for joy after beating Peter at The Royal Game of Ur?

If you want to be just like Peter, Paul, and Mary, then join us. I can’t promise we will have The Royal Game of Ur (available for just $19.99 from Amazon – one-day delivery), but we will learn a fun game of Rummikub.

By Beverly Gores, organizer of Game Night, bgores (at)