Every Meal

The Board of Outreach is excited to announce a brand new opportunity for Plymouth members and friends to help support children who live with food insecurity on weekends, summers, and extended school breaks.

Every Meal is a full-service MN nonprofit specializing in equipping the community to implement weekend food programs in their local school. Every Meal provides the tools, resources, expertise, and food required to make an effective and significant impact on child hunger. Plymouth has pledged to support Green Central financially and, equally important, with volunteers to distribute the food at the end of each week.

As a Volunteer, you will meet at Green Central Elementary school to distribute the bags of food directly and discretely to kids’ backpacks. The time commitment is about 90 minutes on Friday mornings, sometimes Thursdays, depending on the school schedule, for about 90 mins.

Volunteers can commit to as many days as desired. We are up and running, but we would love for you to join us!

Upcoming Opportunities