Whittier International Elementary School

Whittier International Elementary School is located at 315 W. 26th St. Minneapolis MN, only a few blocks from the church. It is at Pre-K – 5 school in the Minneapolis Public School System

As a Volunteer

Most volunteers from Plymouth either volunteer in the reading program or play the grand piano, located in the large school entryway before and after the school day.


Plymouth has had a long partnership with Whittier. Originally the school used a program called ‘Reading Partners’, which was a specifically designed program for using volunteers to help children learn how to read. When that program ended, many volunteers continued to partner with teachers to provide extra help for students.

When Whittier opened, it was designated as a school for the Arts. Several Plymouth members, in that spirit, have volunteered to play the grand piano in the main entrance to the school before and after the school day starts.

When Minneapolis Schools went to remote learning, the volunteer program was suspended. There is at least one Plymouth member volunteering at the school at this time, but the program is still on hiatus.

Upcoming Opportunities