Lenten Meditations: March 24

“One of the most precious teachings in Celtic Christianity is the memory of John the Beloved leaning against Jesus at the last supper. It was said of him that he heard the heartbeat of God. He became the symbol of the practice of listening—listening deep within ourselves, listening deep within one another, listening deep within the body of the earth for the beat of the Holy.”

 – John Phillip Newell



Passive, pensive, waiting. Would listening be enough, should I be searching for just the right words, was encouragement needed, what should, could be the right response to the loss of a loved one? Unexpected, too young, unfair, and unjust, as viewed through the eyes of us all. Prayers for calm and strength to be truly present. Trusting the Presence that moves between and amongst us. No correct words or helpful advice, not a precise verbal recipe, but the Presence of Love Listening like no one else is here. You and I. The heartbeat of the Holy.


May we listen more attentively for the rhythm of the Holy, deepening our capacity for compassion touching the lives of each of us, our universe and sacred mother earth. Let us not shy away from loving whole heartedly, trusting more boldly and seeking Your Presence now and throughout our life experiences.

May it be so and amen.