Give in to Hope Day 40: Param Jaggi

Param Jaggi has always been interested in science, and in the idea that kids can change the world. You’ll often hear him ask “how am I supposed to change the world if there isn’t a world I can live in?” When he was just a young kid, he invented a filter that can go on the exhaust pipe of the car, or motorcycle, or other emissions-releasing pipes, and can filter out the carbon dioxide using algae! An incredible invention that can make the air cleaner and healthier for us all. He has continued his interest in the environment, specifically reducing how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. He is fascinated with the alternative sources that we can use to create energy, including the sun, water, and the wind. At only 18 he started his own alternative energy company! With people like Param around, we are more likely to have a healthy world for world-changers like all of you to grow up in!

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What are some ways people you know are making the world a better place? Have you ever let them know how much you appreciate them? How could you tell them?

Closing Prayer: Dear God, Let us take care of the world, so we have a better one to grow up in! Amen.