Give in to Hope Day 27: Marley Dias

Most of us love stories. We love reading, or being read to, or writing our own. And for white children, particularly white boys, it is easy to find books with characters that look like them. But there are many kids who have a much harder time finding themselves represented in stories, and representation matters. So Marley Dias, only 10 years old at the time, started a program called #1000BlackGirlBooks, to collect stories about girls and women of color. She collected nearly 11,000 in her first drive, and sent them to schools in the US and Jamaica to help diversify their libraries. In the years since the campaign started, Marley wrote her OWN book and has even produced and hosted a show on Netflix about the importance of Black voices and Black stories. Marley knows that seeing people that look like you in books, tv, movies, politics, everywhere really matters, and she has made it her mission to use her love of reading to help Black girls feel seen.

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Have you ever read a book with a character in it that looked like you and reminded you of yourself? How would you feel if you could never find books with characters in them that were like you? What do you think it feels like when a kid finally has a book with a character who is like them?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Representation Matters. Let us find ways to help people feel seen. Amen.