Give in to Hope Day 6: Louis Braille

At only 3 years old, Louis Braille was accidentally blinded when a tool he was playing with poked him in the eye. This was over 200 years ago, and there were not very many resources for a blind person, but he managed to get accepted into a special school for blind children. While he was there, he learned about a special code that the military used to send messages back and forth, and figured out how to turn it into a series of raised dots that represented letters. By “reading” these raised dots with fingers, and understanding the code, blind people could read! With that, the Braille language was born!

To learn more about Louis Braille:

What would you miss most if you lost your sight? How do you think blind people felt once they learned Braille and were able to read?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Even if there are times where it feels like we are sightless, help us find ways to see. Amen