Give in to Hope Day 12: Vanessa Nakate

Like many of us, Vanessa Nakate was inspired by the powerful young activist Greta Thunberg, and started her own weekly climate strike in Uganda, first for many weeks alone, and then with other young people who were inspired by her and joined her. Her focus on climate justice is inspired by her county’s agricultural backbone–climate change is terrible for people trying to grow crops, and crops provide food for the country, but also their major source of income through trade. In addition, she talks about climate change as a young, African woman, adding a new voice to the conversation, and ensuring that people do not forget about how climate change can even more negatively affect women, people of color, people in developing nations, and people in poverty. Raising her voice alongside other climate activists, she wants to be sure that Africa is part of the worldwide changes that must be made to solve our climate crisis.

To learn more about Vanessa:

How do you think Vanessa felt, when she was protesting all alone every week? What do you think helped her stay committed to her goal? Why do you think people were inspired to join her?

Closing prayer: Dear God, help us make sure that no one has to stand up for injustices alone. Amen.