Give in to Hope Day 14: Zuriel Oduwole

Zuriel Oduwole is a girl who loves school. Growing up in California, she enjoyed going to school every day, and in her free time, focused on her other hobby–movie making! At 12, she made a documentary about Ghana, as part of a school competition, and to make her movie, brave Zuriel reached out to, and got to interview 2 former presidents of Ghana! She loved learning about different countries in Africa, and was fearless in her efforts to communicate with important people in the different countries she made movies about. She’s interviewed presidents from over 20 African countries as well as other world leaders for various documentaries she has created. Throughout her work and research, she has become most focused on giving more African girls access to education, and her films and talks cover how a variety of different issues, including racism, sexism, poverty and climate change impact a girl’s ability to attend school.  She has worked on a variety of different initiatives and programs, all with the goal of better education, support and resources for girls in Africa and the Caribbean. She uses film to tell stories of people that far too often are not heard or seen.

To learn more about Zuriel:

What are the things that you love most about going to school? What are some of the different things you can think of that might be reasons a person wouldn’t be able to attend school? How does school help make the world a more fair and equal place?

Closing prayer: Dear God, education is for everyone. Thank you for school, and may we help everyone have a chance to learn. Amen