Give in to Hope Day 19: Robby Novak/Kid President

When Barack Obama became our first Black president, the world seemed full of hope and possibilities. A film and video maker, Brad Montague, wanted to share that positivity and hope in a way that felt accessible to kids. His little brother-in-law Robby loved spending time with him and being in his videos, and the two created the character of Kid President. Robby, born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (or brittle bone disease) couldn’t always do the same activities that other kids his age could do, but his positivity, warmth and gigantic smile were infectious and a perfect fit for Kid President, a tiny world leader who shared inspiring videos for teachers, parents, kids and people going through tough stuff. The Kid President character is so popular, that Robby got to visit the Oval Office, and hang out with Obama himself!

To learn more about Robby Novak:

To see one of Kid President’s most popular videos:

Imagine you got to be president for the day. You can give a speech, and you can change one law. What is one thing you’d want to tell the world in your speech? What is one law you’d want to change, or create?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Let us all be part of the world’s solutions. Amen.