Give in to Hope Day 36: Katie Stagliano

When Katie Stagliano was only 9 years old, she grew a cabbage. But not just any cabbage, a gigantic 40 pound cabbage! She donated this cabbage to her local food pantry, who used it to make a meal that fed an incredible 275 people! Katie was inspired to grow more crops in her home garden to help feed people in need, but realized that she was only one person. The more people, growing more crops, in more gardens across the country, could help feed the hungry everywhere! She created Katie’s Krops, a program that taught kids how to create their own home and community gardens to connect with food pantry’s in their community. Katie’s Krops now oversees 100 gardens in 30 states, donating about 38,000 pounds of fresh produce to those in need every year! It is important to Katie that the gardens are developed and run by kids. She wants to keep her non-profit kid centered and kid-led, as she knows how passionate and creative young people can be, but often they are unable to volunteer at many places because of their age. She knows that age is not a barrier to caring and wanting to make change, and so Katie strives to give kids as many opportunities to serve as possible!

To learn more about Katie Stagliano:

Have you ever grown something? At school or at your house? What are some of the things that plants need in order to grow? What are some of the things that people need in order to grow?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Who knows how much good can come from something as humble as a cabbage seed. Let us not forget the big potential in tiny things. Amen.